25 August 2015


It is back to school season! Ever year I promise myself that I'll become more organised and I'm starting to get better at it. That's why today I wanted to share with you some of my tips for staying organised all year long.

1. Gather your notes from last year and classify them. Don't hide them too much because you may need to reach out for them throughout the year. If you have messy notes, copy them again so they are more understandable and put everything in a binder.

2. Create a studying schedule and stick to it. Many people says that you should dedicate 20 minutes to every subject a day, after school. I think that this is not a realistic goal, that's why I only like to read through the notes I have taken during class and focus more on the subjects that I struggle the most. Make a list of all the subjects you have: start with the ones that are more difficult for you and put the easier ones at the bottom. In this schedule you should also plan the breaks you're going to take and the time you're going to spend doing other things that aren't related with your studies. I normally take a 10 minute break after 45 minutes of homework or revision, but you can do whatever works best for you!

3. Have a specific place to do your homework and keep all you school stuff. I recommend you to have your own desk in a quiet place and only go there to study or do school related stuff. This way, your brain will assume that when you're in there it's because you need to work. If you can avoid having your office at the same room as you sleep, it will help you sleep better at night because you won't have in front of your eyes all that you need to do. Keep your working are nice and tidy so you don't feel stressed! Make sure that you don't have any distractions around: television, phone... Having natural light is also very important.

4. Keep your notes up to date. If you miss a class ask your classmates for the notes they took or read the part of your book that explains what they did during the lesson. In case you don't understand something you've writen, ask the teacher before you forget about it.Try to revise them a week or so before the exam so you don't have to read through them the night before your test. 

5. Color code without going too crazy. This can be a bit tricky because people tend to over do it and end up with a paper full of colours that is impossible to understand. The important part here is to have a colour for each subject. Use it to underline (only) the relevant information in your notebooks, write titles... You can also write your homework for that lesson using the same colour, this is a way of seeing what homework you have for the week without having to read it (plus, it looks cute).

These are my five tips on becoming more organised for school. Let me know in the comments below what are your tips for staying organised! Talk to you soon :)

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