17 May 2016


I love everything related with decorating my space and I have always dreamt of having my own apartment. Even though I still live with my parents and my bedroom isn't very stylish (decoration wise) I do like to give a personal touch to it: I have some pictures of my friends, quotes all around, Christmas lights hanging on the wall, lots of pillows...

In this post I want to share with you some bedrooms which are decorated following different styles. I always go on Pinterest and WeHeartIt to find inspiration and there are amazing bedrooms to look up to when it comes to decorating your own. I'll show you some pictures of each style that I have come up with plus some ideas to recreate it. Shall we get started?

1. Classy/girly kind of bedroom

Yes, this is the kind of bedroom a princess would have. It is all about pastel colours combined with  a white or cream background. You can never go wrong with flowery-patterned pillows, as well as other pink accessories. If you want to recreate this style on your bedroom, use a metallic headboard or add some curtains above your bed; loads of cushions are always a must and you shouldn't forget flowers or a pretty lamp for you bedside table. 

2. Minimalistic bedroom

I think this may be my favourite of them all... It is the minimal bedroom. As you can see, this decoration is very neat and bright. What I like the most about those spaces is that they're very plesant to see and everything is really organised, since there's not much stuff on display. I'm sure they're also easy to clean because the space is pretty clear. Anyways, the point is to use neutral colors for your bedding and keep it simple. Avoid having documents and other objects scattered around because they don't go with the "minimal" vibe. Plants are very popular (and healthy to have around); locate them near a window so they can get enough light. 

3. The retro bedroom

These are by far the most colorful bedrooms I have ever seen. It's a combination of patterns, modern pieces and vintage ones... I love the bare wood of some of the furniture. I would recreate a simmilar space by using pop art, displaying books and records, playing around with pillows and finding bright colors that match with each other. It's very easy to get carried away with the mixing and you may find yourself using too much of everything,so I would recommend you to try and keep it simple and fun :)

4. The Tumblr bedroom

The typical room a teenager would have. I know I said the minimal bedroom was my favourite, but I really like this one as well. I think the philosophy behind these spaces is to make them your own. Use your bedroom to hang all your good memories, put up posters of your favourite bands and create a personal "cave", because at the end of the day, you're the one who needs to be confortable in there. I named it "tumblr bedroom" because you see them all over this social network and they reflect the personality of the person who sleeps there. I really like the patterned sheets you see in the bottom center picture, they have a very cute mandala, however, I don't think it would suit my room...

I hope you liked this quick post. Let me know in the comments which bedroom is most simmilar to yours. Have a nice weekend and I will see you pretty soon (unless I don't post again for months because of school work...) 

xx Cecil

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