1 January 2017


2016 flew by and I'm sitting here looking at my resolutions for this past year and thinking: "Yeah... it happened again, I didn't achieve them at all". I don't know how but setting up goals for one whole year is hard to handle, since 365 days are a lot of time. I usually look through my aims at the middle of the year, around July or so, to see how I'm doing, but this year has been very busy, and I completely forgot that I even had resolutions. Even though 2016 hasn't been my best year when it comes to resolutions, this won't stop me from setting up new goals for 2017 and try to stick to them. 

As you will see at the end of this post, most of my last year's objectives were a bit unrealistic or not very specific. If there's something I have learnt after not accomplishing them is that the most important thing is to have clear and precise goals. Here is what I think that's important to consider before/during/after coming up with your new year's resolutions:

1. Simply have goals. The first thing you need is to actually have goals. Having the right attitude is a must, plus, having something to look forward to is always helpful when you are working hard and you need that extra push.

2. Find someone who has similar goals. Let's say you want to go vegan, then tell a friend to go on that journey with you, therefore you can motivate each other, talk about it and share your progress.

3. Try to do short term goals, such as weekly or monthly goals. If you split up your big goal into smaller goals you are more likely to stick to them. If you want to write a book this 2017, then you could write a chapter every month (do you like the metaphor?). A part from your yearly goals, you can do 30 day challenges to incorporate better habits into your life or cut out on bad habits you have.

4. Be constantly reminded of your goals, whether it is by writing them down or by creating an inspirational board with pictures of what you want to achieve. Don't forget to consider the reasons why you want accomplish certain things, if these motives are strong enough, they will keep you away from giving up.

5. Fake it until you make it, attract what you want by acting as if you already had it. A teacher of mine showed me this TED talk which is amazing, feel free to check it out :)

6. Look for information. Don't just sit there picturing yourself living your dream life. If you want to become a professional dancer, look for places where you can improve your moves, start taking up lessons, go to see other professional dancers, talk to them... It's all about creating a "dance related environment" where you can grow feel comfortable. 

7. Be realistic and specific. Don't say: "This year I will work out a lot" or "This year I will work out every day for two hours". The first statement is very abstract, and the second one is unrealistic. Instead, you could say: "I will work out twice a week for twenty minutes". I think that going too big when setting up new year's resolutions is one of the reasons why we end up not achieving them. Of course, you can dream big, but you need to be aware of your limits.

8. Reward yourself when you achieve those objectives. Hard work pays off :)

9. Don't be too hard on yourself, having goals should be something fun, don't take it too serious! Remember, you're doing it for YOU!

1. Learn how to make decisions: I couldn't say if I have learnt to make decisions or not. However, this year I chose my university studies and I have faced a few choices that had to be made. So, even though I still struggle when it comes to pick what to have for lunch, I definitely consider goal number one as achieved! 

2. Think before I speak: I don't know what I was thinking when I came up with this resolution...Whatever.

3. Stop apologising when it's not necessary: I remember doing really good at the beginning of the year, unfortunately, I forgot about it and now I don't remember if I do it or not. It is true that my mother tells me that I continue to do it, let's see if I do better in 2017.

4. Exercise twice a week: I'm cheating a bit in this one, because although I haven't been working out twice a week regularly, I do have been exercising for long periods of time during this past year. I went running twice a week during September and October and I have also done other types of workout, so I'm pretty proud. I have to keep up with it!

5. Post once a week: there's no need to talk about this because we all know I'm a failure when it comes to sticking to a blogging schedule...

These will be my goals for 2017... Let's see if this year I'm better at them:

2017 GOALS

1. Write at least 20 pages of (good) stories: it doesn't matter if it's a single story or several ones. At the end of the year I want to have written that much.

2. Try out something related with fencing: this sport has always interested me and I have never had the chance to practise it. However, this year, I want to take a chance and give it a try!

3. Improve my German. Reach the B2-C1 level by the end of the year. I have started stying German this September, so hopefully this isn't unrealistic..., I'll really work hard on it, but since I don't know how much will I get better at it, I want to reach at least, level B2.

4. Post once a week. I know I said the same last year, but if I do it for the first 6 months of 2017, I will buy a domain for my blog, so this is something exciting that will keep me going! Let's see if I can make it.

5. Reduce the time I spend with my mobile phone: don't use it before going to bed, avoid looking at it (too much) when I'm waiting for the bus/somebody/train and I have nothing to do, spend the time I would be using it doing other things, such as reading.


  1. These look like good resolutions. I really want to set a goal for writing, but I feel like if I just keep up with my blog, it's enough.
    I had a few reading resolutions too but I never get time to read so I've just given up on those..
    Good luck on your resolutions! And happy new years!

    1. Hello Catalina! Thanks for leaving a comment. I hope you achieve all of your resolutions , I usually read before going to sleep, it's when I have time to do so.

      xx Cecile