10 October 2015


About two or three years ago, I became obsessed with YouTube (I still am). I watched funny videos, prank videos, vlogs, decoration related clips... and make-up tutorials as well. Nowadays, there are these girls called "beauty gurus" who do make-up tutorials, hauls, tag videos, fashion/outfit videos and post them on YouTube. The thing is, I'm not even interested in make-up, I never wear it, but I reassure you that I could do a whole make-up look with the best products, a perfect winged liner and contour like a Kardashian (oh, yeah, and don't forget your brows!). I really enjoy watching how beauty bloggers/vloggers apply or review all these make-up products, it's like a hobby for me (it isn't as weird as it sounds). Today I'll be sharing my opinion on make-up. As I have already told you, I don't wear make-up at all, but I do appreciate make-up and I really admire people who can rock it. Since I haven't seen both sides of the subject, what I think may lack on perspective, but I do encourage you to tell me your thoughts in the comment section :)

The discussion comes when I ask myself: (1)do people wear make-up because they like playing with and they see it as an art/ a way to express themselves, (2)or they wear it to cover up their face because they feel insecure? I think this only applies to girls (at least, where I live, I have never seen a guy wearing a full-face make-up, you know right?), but if you're a boy, feel free to continue reading as well!

1. Hey! If you're one of those people who see make-up as an art that's awesome! I'm not only talking about an everyday make-up look, but there are also those dramatic looks that are really impressive. I do consider make-up an art, the difference is that the canvas is your own skin, imagine putting make-up all over your body?! That would be cool, like the music video for "Somebody that I used to know". Anyways, I'm beating around the bushes.

2. Now, to the ones who wear make-up because they feel insecure... I should say that there's no reason to do this because everybody is beautiful in their own way (and it's true), that society is trying to put stereotypes for everything and you shouldn't follow them (and you shouldn't), that covering your face won't help you to have a higher self esteem if the problem is inside yourself... blah, blah, blah. But what's wrong with wearing make-up if it makes you feel more confident? If when you're wearing it you feel like you're going to conquer the world? (get ready for my philosophical speech) We have to do what makes us feel good and there's no problem if make-up is involved with it. There's still time to work on our personal image and if you feel great with a smokey eye that's awesome! However, you need to learn to love yourself with and without make-up, because at the end of the day, your make-up runs out but your natural skin stays there (was that too poetic?).

I think the conclusion is that everyone wears make-up for a reason, so don't judge if you don't know what's behind it :)