3 November 2015


Let me warn you: you will get nothing out of this post, you still have time to close the window and do something more useful, your life will appreciate it!

The title is kind of misleading, because if you're busy you already have stuff to do, which means that you don't need anybody to tell you WHAT to do. It doesn't work the same as saying "What to do when you're bored", so it makes no sense... I have an entire project that needs to be done by the begginning of next month, plenty of exams coming next week and lots of other work that I have to finish asap. The question is, why am I doing writing this post instead of putting all my effort into all these  tasks? It is called procrastination...and I'm the best at it, feel free to join the club if you can identify youself as one of us. 

Whenever I have to do something related with school I find myself thinking (in a very creative way) about other stuff, for example, when I have to study for an exam I like to google "how to be a good student" or "how to get an A+ without studying" and spend hours reading articles that won't help me because what I really need to do is STUDY! Yesterday I ended up taking a test to see what type of learner I was and it turned out to be kind of useful. Also related with studying: I go on Youtube and type "relaxing music for studying", I then click to the first video and start reading the comments which say: "thumbs up if you are reading this when you should be studying" and I think to myself "yep... so true". 

Now that you know everything that I do instead of school work, I'll tell you what YOU can do if you find yourself not wanting to do "important stuff" and you decide to PROCRASTINATE!!

- Watch videos on how to start having a healthy lifestyle and work out more (yes, I love to watch them while I'm eating a bag of crisps and drinking soda).

- Read blogs (I do it all the time) or books, or even cereal packs!

- Look for photography tutorials: Pinterest has the best cheat sheets regarding aperture, ISO...

- Sing up to an online course on EdeX, it is a website where they offer multiple courses for free and at the end you get a certificate (paying I think), so it's kind of cool.

- Reorganise your bedroom and tidy it up. Am I the only one who has this need of cleaning up the mess when I have tons of work?

- Take a look at the AppStore, you'll find plenty of apps that you didn't know that they existed.

- Start writing a book or a diary for yourself. You could also record a video of you talking and don't see it untill you're older (set a date for that).

- Read the Guinness World Records and/or try to achieve something never done before (without hurting yourself, be safe).

- Stalk your friends online and end up looking  your teacher's sister's neighbour's profile.

- Go out and do as if you where talking on your phone (when you actually aren't).

- Email me something at wednesday19th@gmail.com, I'll probably be procrastinating as well... 

- Bake cookies and eat them (the second part is the best one).

I hope you found something to do on this list! I'll try to post more frequenly from now on, I have to review my October goals (I'm a disaster) and set new ones. Before I finish the post I want to tell you that I've signed up to a course that has to do with growing your blog's audience. It is carried by Melyssa from The Nectar Collective (a blog I love) and I thought you may be interested in it. I don't know if you can join by now, but here's the link anyways :) Have a nice week!