9 December 2016


In one of my recent posts I wrote about me going to college, really loving all of my subjects and in general enjoying what I studied. Well... I no longer know if I feel the same.

Since I started watching teenage movies about going to college and creating your future in there, my dream was to someday study a degree in university. When I had three years left of high school all my teachers and family begun to ask me “What do you want to do when you finish high school?” and I would always reply "I don't know". At that time I still had a few years to decide what would probably be the most important decision of my life so far. I knew that I wanted to go to college because for me, it was the next place to go after finishing high school. I had never considered doing anything else since that was what seemed "the right thing to do".

Years passed by and one day I was in the train with my mother and the woman sitting in front of us asked me for the time. She looked as if she really wanted to talk to somebody and somehow we started a conversation. I remember she told me that she has attended a wedding of a friend of hers the previous day, and that she was now going home. She also mentioned that she met that friend back when she spent a year abroad in France, while doing her degree. We chatted for a good hour or so and she definitely was a very down to Earth person. I think I told her how much I liked travelling, writing and learning languages because she encouraged me to study Translation and Interpretation in college, the same as she did. She said that if I liked languages Translation was a great choice and that she also thought that I would be a good translator. At that time I didn't even consider studying such degree. The woman was lovely and I really enjoyed every single minute of our conversation. Once we arrived at our destination we said "Goodbye" and I have never heard from her again (that sounded dramatic).

Since that was a curious story, I explained it to my friends and family and that's what made me actually consider studying Translation and Interpretation. I looked up for information about the studies and I was amazed by everything I found. From then on I knew that I wanted to be a translator/interpreter.

A few months ago I started college and I really liked everything. I'm studying Translation and Interpretation. I'm learning a new language, I'm improving my native language and that's awesome. However,... I miss something. I miss literature. Damn it how much I miss it.

Reading, writing, getting to know the greatest writers... That is something I did during my last years of high school and I loved it. Now my study plan is only based on learning languages, which is great, but I think it's very impersonal. I need passionate teachers explaining me literary treasures (am I asking for too much?). I still have to learn a lot about literature in general, and although I do read for myself, I wish it could be a part of my studies, because you never know, maybe I have considered becoming a writer... (I have). What I have heard is that the first year of every degree it's kind of "boring", since you have to build a solid base of the most important content (in my case it is all about learning languages in depth). I'm not planning on quitting what I'm studying now, because I continue to see myself working as an interpreter in the future, but I will consider taking up some literature classes, a part from my curricular subjects. It's hard for me to know if I like what I'm going or not, because when I thought of completely changing my degree, I wasn't interested in any of the other possibilities that my university offered. I really like the enviroment around college, and something I know for sure is that it is the place that I want to study in for the next four years. Therefore, I'm just going to wait. Maybe at the end of the second semester I've changed my mind. Or maybe I realise if I want to continue with what I'm doing or if I want to take up another degree.

In situations like this, I like having a blog. Writing everything down helps me to clear out my mind and even though I have a journal as well. something about writing here is very satisfying, because I know that someone will read it and maybe has gone through the same as I have. 

Enjoy your weekend :)
PS: Christmas posts are coming soon!

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