5 February 2017


I am tired of reading "find your niche", or, "your blog needs a niche"... blah, blah, blah. I don't think that your blog needs a niche. The word "niche" stands for a "a distinct segment of a market", therefore, if your niche is photography, all your posts will be dedicated to this topic. That's great if you treat your blog as a business or if you have very few interests. However, what can people do if they have lots of hobbies/are interested in many things and they can't choose which one to focus their blog on? Well, they can come to the dark side and don't have a niche. Just like my blog!

I love plenty of things. I enjoy home decoration, photography, reading good books, travelling, sharing personal experiences, sitting down and writing about whatever is going through my mind ... Some people would put my blog into the personal/lifestyle category of blogs, but it isn't. As humans we tend to label everything and we need to learn that somethings aren't labeable (I've invented this adverb, I know, I'm a genius!). A blog with a niche will have specific readers interested in that topic, which is great, but there are some blogs which are meant to not have a niche. These kind of blogs are messy, random, with a very irregular posting schedule. The authors behind the posts are crazy and simply want a place to share their thoughts. Its readers end up there God knows why, and sometimes, they decide to stay, because they fancy having a wide variety of content, the same way the author enjoys writing about everything they want.

Nowadays, the blogging industry has grown tremendously and many people make a living by writing a blog. I understand the reason why lots of bloggers out there see it as a business, but we shouldn't forget about the original blog.  Yes, I'm talking about these individuals who are just trying to blog the old-fashioned way, as a hobby, as a way to reach out to the lovely and engaged audience they have. I defend blogs without a niche because I believe in "less rigid" blogging rules, because I think that we need to go back to basics when everyone is blogging about "what they are supposed to blog" or they are busy finding a niche that their blog doesn't need in the first place. Don't let niches reduce the creativity of your blog and the content you put into it. If people want to read your blog, they will do it regardless of your  "niche". The ones who read niche-less blogs enjoy the way the authors write, it also helps if they say wise things and stuff, but they like their personality and their view of the world. As simple as that.

If you're still reading, thank you :) Have a nice week everybody!


    You make such good point in this post!
    Also, I really like the photographs.
    Good writing and good imagery!


    1. Hello Steph! I'm really glad you liked it, I just needed to get it out of my chest. The pictures are from unsplash.com an amazing site with copyright free pictures :)

  2. I feel like my blog is such a mess whenever I come across blogging 'help' posts that talk about finding a niche and sticking to it. My blog doesn't fit in a niche, it spans a couple of aisles xD Anyway, reading this makes me feel better about my blog to be honest.

  3. Cool post Cecile!!! You are a genious, I love the adverb you invented "labeable" hahahaha I love the way you defend your ideas, well done! :)

    CU Smurf

  4. You have a really good point here. Most days my blog is my little portfolio and then there are days you kind of forget why you're doing the whole thing and start stressing out about followers and the "niche". I've been there too, so many times only to realise, as you pointed out too, that there's no need to force it. I've labeled my blog: "A blog about dreams, desires, destinies and something in between. Pretty things and thoughtful rants." which, I think, sums up pretty much everything between earth and sky. Your piece got me thinking about so-called meaning of blogging which is good once in a while :)