28 January 2016


I usually like to start writing my posts really casually, you know, talking a bit about what has been going on with my life or sharing any anectode that happened to me recently. A few minutes ago I was loggin into my Bloglovin' account and I realised that it had been ages since I went there for the last time... Now I have plenty of opened tabs to read blogposts, which is exciting! Anyways, let's move on to the actual post.

I'm such a perfectionist and when something goes wrong I make a big deal out of it, when there's nothing to worry about. I still have to learn how to cope with those situations, but meanwhile I get so frustrated, an it's depressing, believe me. The smallest thing can completely change my mood and I'll become really mean, which is something I'm not proud of, because I end up hurting (not physically) people around me when it's not their fault. However, I've been trying to improve my behaviour towards the issue and, even though I have a lot to improve, I think I can teach you some steps you can take if you are like me and you get disappointed very easily:

1. Learn lo lose: you won't always win and it is not a problem! Many things can be learnt from your defeats. If your really want something, keep trying.

2. Don't take it personally: sometimes people say things without knowing how they're going to affect you. Ignore those comments, they are most likely to be harmless. Don't waste your precious time thinking too much about it (says someone who does it all the time...).

3. Don't give up and remember why you started: never forget your main motivation and how excited you where at the beginning of your journey. It's okay to have ups and downs, you just have to keep going, because the best is yet to come! Yey :)

4. Take time to assume that not everything goes as you expected. Your thoughts won't change overnight, but you can train your mind. Think about what makes you upset or disappoints you a few days after it happened, everything looks clearer with a cool mind.

6. Try to think about the situation from another point of view, what would someone else do? Sometimes it is easier to think about your "problems" as if you were another person. Try doing this exercise ;)

5. Talk about it with people you trust. Sharing your feelings with your friends and family is not something you should be afraid of, further. In my case I find it really hard because I don't want to disturb them, but after you have explained what's on your mind it feels great.

I took this picture back when I was in Amsterdam and I think it's lovely :)

Before I go I would like to add that there's nothing wrong with not having everything planned out in your life and it's fine to feel under the weather when things don't go as you'd expected. Life is awesome and chocolate is always there for you!! No, I'm joking, but seriously, there's always something that will brighten up your day, you only have to figure it out. 

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