21 September 2015


Since I bought my DSLR camera I've never had the chance to do a proper photoshot with somebody until a few weeks ago. At first I used to ask one or my friends to pose for me in the middle of the street or something to start learning how to use my camera and figure out the settings. 

However, I wanted to take my photography to the next level and prepare something cool. I found this old factory which was pretty close from where I live and I decided that I wanted to go there and take some shots. This time I had everything on my mind, I had a mental picture of everything I wanted to capture, how I wanted the model to pose... So I called my best friend, send her some inspiration that I got from Pinterest and told her: "Yep, you need to wear this and that because you'll be modeling for me", and then, she was in! 

The day we finally went to the factory to do the shot, it was raining a lot, and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT, so the lighting wasn't really good (excuses of bad photographers). Anyway, I loved how they turned out, that's why I decided to share my favourite pics in here. I'm no professional or anything, I just enjoy taking pictures and this time I had the amazing opportunity to do it while hanging out with my best friend, so we both had a great time! The building was amazing, it was a ruin and it could fall apart at any moment, the first floor was covered in mud (because there's a river next to it), but the rest was more than fine. The last level had fallen years ago I gess, that why I could take the first picture you'll see. Overall, the building was exactly how I had imagined, which was an exciting discovery one we arrived there. I was scared that I would be a simple and empty place with nothing to work with inside, you know what I mean? But it wasn't! 

While taking this pictures I realised that using manual mode it's harder than it seems. At the beginning I tried to adjust the setting myself but I must admit that I finished using the automatic. Photoshop has been a great help when adjusting the contrast and the lighting. I only edited them a bit, lowering the brightness to give a darker look and increasing the contrast. Here's the final result, tell me your thoughts in the comments below and if you have any suggestion on how I can improve my photography skills don't hesitate to tell me!

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