7 September 2015


This second part of SUMMER NOTES AND PICTURES is more about details, little things that I thought I would capture. If you haven't checked the first post, click right here and you'll be able to read it :) In a week I'm starting school again... Ugh. Two months ago I was excited about it, but now that it is this close I would rather spend the rest of my life on holidays. The fun part is that I get to go "back to school" shopping. Anyways, let's do a "remember when" of this last summer before it's over.

Beach, beach, beach!! This summer I went to the beach a lot and I loved it. Sometimes I have the feeling that I don't really get that tanned, but looking through pictures I see that this summer I got tanned which is such an achievement for me (I'm very pale). I've always wanted to take a picture like the one above because it looks very tumblr, so I asked one of my friends to pose for me and here it is! 

This is what I call one the best breakfasts I have ever had (looks yummy, doesn't it?). I remember how tasty this sandwiches were (writing this I'm starting to get hungry). The place had the nicest decoration and overall it was very cosy. When I took my DSLR camera to take a proper picture I felt a bit out of place, but as you can see, it was totally worth it! Now I can look at it whenever I want.

Yes, this pic is from Amsterdam as well. Something that really caught my eye is the fact that there were flowers (and bikes) everywhere. I have always wanted to ride a bike with some flowers on the front. I guess some dreams take a little more time than others...

Pineapples in a wood box. There's this kind of hype towards pineapples that I still don't get, but these looked cute. There was an old man next to them, having some coffee and looking outside the window, isn't that romantic?

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